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FEATURE PROPERTY: Modern mansion at Beaumont has it all

Spread across three levels with sweeping views of the foothills, this multi-million-dollar entertainer ticks all the boxes with a heated pool, terraced landings, cinema room and a new vehicle workshop.

Retirees Alex and Lesley-Anne Stevenson are selling their four-bedroom, three-bathroom home nestled in a quiet corner of the foothills at Beaumont, having lived there with their two children for the past five years.

Their son Cameron Stevenson, an Adelaide-based architect, has relished living in the property and says he feels lucky to have had the opportunity to make use of the home’s three modern levels, swimming pool and new vehicle workshop.

“It’s a cracker – it is a fantastic home, built and finished very well,” Cameron says.

“It feels secluded. It’s located in a gully and driving up through there is a bit of a spectacle.

“One of my favourite features is the balcony on the kitchen level. There’s a built-in barbecue which makes using that terrace space fantastic; that’s a highlight for me.

“The concertina doors open all the way up to create a continuous space between the terrace and the kitchen, inside and out.”

Lesley-Anne and Alex are selling to move to Cairns, where they have a beachfront home and also own a restaurant.

“The kitchen, living and dining space that connects with the terrace is what I’ll miss the most, but then again the pool – between the two bedrooms on that floor – is fantastic as well. There’s a lot to love about it, to be honest.”

The home is unique in that it has two street frontages, abutting Duncan Road uphill to the east and the lower Delbridge Court to the west. There is garaging at both entrances with a significant difference in elevation between the two.

The original owners built the home with the garage on the top level, so that occupants can drive directly into the garage from Duncan Road, the higher of the two street frontages. This garage is joined to Duncan Road via a concrete bridge.

However, this means the garage occupies the top level, which has some of the best views.

The Stevensons built a second garage on the home’s lower Delbridge Court, thereby allowing entry from the lower road. The new garage includes workshop space and a mechanic’s pit.

Cameron says approval has been granted to re-configure the top-floor garage into a living space, a project that a new owner could complete, should they wish to do so.

“Instead of having your garage on the top level where there are beautiful views, a new owner has the option to perhaps use it as a living space. But obviously, that’s just a plan,” he says.

Cameron says the plan has merit, but he has also enjoyed the home’s current configuration which provides two separate and private entries.

“There’s a significant height discrepancy between the two roads, so it’s almost like two different houses separated over three liveable levels,” says Cameron.

“The house has a very different perspective, depending on which side you’re approaching from. You could drive past the house from the top level and you wouldn’t recognise it.

“I’ll miss the excellent workshop at the bottom of the home which Dad and I really utilised. Dad works on his old cars in there.

“He’s got a pit for getting under cars, that is an excellent workshop space.”

Entry to the home is via three-metre-high solid timber doors, where an entry hall features an acoustic ceiling above the staircase that takes you to the main living level.

Level one features a media room, two bedrooms located on either side of the pool and spa terrace, a main bathroom and laundry.

The second level is taken up mostly by the open-plan kitchen, living and dining space, as well as the generous master bedroom, study and en suite.

The kitchen has been designed with entertaining in mind, with a large butler’s pantry with a double sink and Miele dishwasher, a walk-in storage closet and more.

The top level features a garage, home office, bathroom and extra bedroom, with the home appointed with a lift for getting between floors.

Cameron says, with his family having lived in England and his parents previously in South Africa, Adelaide has proven to be a highly liveable location and anticipates that his parents will be back.

“Cairns is lovely, it’s a nice holiday location, but I’ll be surprised if my parents don’t sell up there and come back one day; I think they’re really fond of Adelaide.”

The sale is being handled by Peter Price and Rui Wang of Price Partners Real Estate.