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FEATURE PROPERTY: Sand, sun and sea breeze on the Esplanade at Grange

Clive and Belinda D’Cruz are selling their two-storey home on Grange’s tightly-held Esplanade where properties are measured in the millions.

Imagine having your own master bedroom perched high above the rolling dunes and seascape of Grange Beach: the soft lapping waves creating a peaceful soundtrack to the ocean vistas through your bedroom window. It’s an easy sell.

This tightly-held stretch of esplanade between Henley and Grange is shoulder-to-shoulder with million-dollar properties that have jumped in value in recent years. If the property boom and low-interest rates continue, values may continue to increase further.

Having lived at 447A Esplanade, Grange, for just over two years with their four children – two boys and two girls – Clive and Belinda D’Cruz are making a family decision to sell and be nearer their children’s school and extracurricular activities.

Clive is the CEO Epic Energy – a South Australian energy infrastructure company that has 80 staff in Adelaide, operating a gas pipeline network, wind farms and other assets.

“I think a lot of interstate and overseas investors are starting to recognise the appeal of the SA coastline and so I think over the next five to 10 years it’s going to take off. They are realising the beauty and the value of beachfront properties in Adelaide,” says Clive.

“The Grange Esplanade strip is quite closely-held and it’s rare for properties to come up. If you compare this area to the layout of other Eastern capital cities, South Australia’s a great option.”

Clive began his career as an engineer, before moving into business administration. He now holds more than 20 years’ experience in the energy and oil and gas sectors and is a member of the Institute of Company Directors.

“I started as an engineer but I enjoy working with people and that has morphed into becoming a CEO. You have to be in the right place at the right time and get a bit of luck going your way. Then, when you get given an opportunity you make it as best as you can.”

Clive and Belinda purchased the home just over two years ago and contracted local builder BTF Constructions to complete a major renovation, adding extra rooms to create a five-bedroom house.

“We realised that a three-bedroom house for the size of our family wasn’t ideal so the minute we moved in, we started the process of adding extra bedrooms,” Clive says.

The project was completed in April last year and, since then, the family has fully capitalised on their time living on the esplanade.

“We often go down for a swim, the kids will boogie board and my little lad enjoys fishing as well, so we’ll just go drop a line of the jetty and do some fishing. We’ve played plenty of beach cricket as well.

“My wife and I will go for a stroll down the beach at the end of the day, it’s great just to wind down and relax.

“Then you’ve got Henley Square, which is a short walk along the beach. But it’s private enough here and not as busy as Henley Beach can get.”

The home is located near the Grange train station for easy access to the Adelaide CBD. The Grange Hotel, Grange Jetty Kiosk and Grange Surf Life Saving Club are all close by.

Clive and Belinda are long-time western suburbs residents, with Clive having grown up at Seaton and Findon. The couple purchased their first home at Woodville South.

“We then lived at Henley Beach South for a while, and we were always very keen to get right onto the beach – on the esplanade,” Clive says.

“I’m biased, but I think Grange and Henley Beach are really beautiful beaches, although most of South Australia’s beaches are really nice aesthetically.

“We found our place here and did a renovation, but our circumstances have changed slightly, with our kids’ schooling being further away and given the logistics of their extracurricular activities.

“Our four children range between 14 and eight and they play different sports, music, dance and all sorts of different things. That was the main driver. We love the beach, but at this stage of our lives it makes sense.”

The property was built in 2004. Running east-west, the long open-plan living and dining area can channel the sea breeze in summer, and provides a view of the ocean no matter where you are on this floor.

Even from the rear alfresco area, occupants can look right through the centre of the house to the beach. The kitchen is offset to one side of the living space, so not to obstruct the view.

To the left, stairs lead up to the bedrooms and bathrooms, with the master suite situated on the very western edge of the house where it is blessed with a balcony that has an outlook to the dunes and the ocean.

“You get absolutely spectacular ocean views. In winter, it’s beautiful sitting by the gas heater with and a nice glass of wine watching the waves roll in, while in summer you get the sunsets and an ocean breeze.

“There’s always something happening – every day presents something different and we have absolutely loved it,” Clive says.

“The more I boast about it, the more that I realise we will miss it.”

The sale is being handled by Tim and Megan Thredgold of Toop&Toop Real Estate.