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Front doors to make a great first impression

Award-winning architect John Adam shares five of this year’s most wanted door trends for premium properties.

The front door – it’s the first thing anyone notices when entering a property, either as a guest or a potential buyer.

An impressive front door can enhance even the most premium of properties but with so many varieties it can be hard to find the right fit.

As an architect of 33 years and winner of the 2020 South Australian Architecture Award for Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions), John Adam has designed his share of doors.

Here are his five suggestions for homeowners looking to create an envious entryway.

Enter elegantly with copper

Adam says the orange hues of a copper door make for a lasting first impression.

“We’re seeing more copper doors come through in new builds,” John says.

“You can have a nice and decorative door which isn’t necessarily minimalist but has the option to have a bit more character.

“This is because naturally in copper you can get the green and brown coopery tones come through with the weather.”

Paired with copper’s natural beauty, the durability of the material will add to the value of your home when the time comes to sell.

Oversized to bring drama

When it comes to front doors, the cliché bigger is better rings true.

John says oversized doors on a pivot hinge make for a bold statement.

“When these doors open, they tend to be a bit more dramatic for people who aren’t used to it,” John says.

“The pivot hinges allow you to have a door which is up to two times as wide as a standard door and I think it’s an interesting thing for the guests to see happen.”

As well as achieving a luxe look, oversized pivot doors allow for a less-restricting entry into your home, adding comfort and functionality.

These doors are best when crafted with timber and paired with an oversized handle to emphasise an already striking entrance.

Glass to blur the lines between inside and out

As people increase their connection with the outside world – the clear-cut benefit of a glass door has made them more popular.

In addition to letting in natural light, Adam says the transparency allows homeowners to connect with their guests before they’ve made it inside.

“Glass doors are a bit more transparent and a bit more honest,” John says.

“If it’s not frosted or obscure, then it’s telling visitors that the house is open.

“Before guests get in, they can see you walk to the front door and some people really like that.”

Glass doors are also highly customisable, whether you want to utilise steel framing for a contemporary look or have your door un-framed on a hinged for a minimalist approach.

Overhangs for intimacy

When looking to revamp your entry-way, it can be easy to focus solely on the door yet, there’s one design feature you shouldn’t overlook – the overhang.

John says these features permit a feeling of safety and intimacy, something which can leave a lasting impression on buyers and guests – especially if you keep them waiting at the door too long.

“All of our work still features overhangs because you need that shelter at the doorway,” John says.

“I think for a lot of people security is still pretty important.”

Currently, minimalist overhangs featuring warm downlights are most popular although, overhangs can suit a more contemporary home by utilising wooden panels to feature a sky-light.

Single colours on a simple frame demonstrate modesty

Adam affirms traditional doors with multiple panels or windows are no longer sought-after, and instead, single-panelled doors with accent colouring are popular in the premium market.

“Although the colour can be quite bold, it should be a simple door,” John says.

“Architects are a bit more subdued in their approach at the moment and this goes from the front door to the whole house.

“These doors are a simpler, more understated aesthetic.”