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In vain: 7 beautiful bathroom vanity trends

Embarking on a bathroom renovation before putting your home on the market? Adelaide-based interior designers share this year’s most sought-after bathroom vanity trends to give you some inspiration.

Although bathroom renovations can feel like pouring money down the drain, a good bathroom can entice prospective buyers to offer top dollar.

A vanity might not single-handedly increase the value of your home but, award-winning interior designer Tania Kloester says some good cabinetry can make a bathroom.

“When people are looking at a bathroom, they want something that feels luxurious,” says Kloester.

“Most people start their days at the vanity, and they want to feel special when they’re using the bathroom.”

 1. Love your curves

After years of bathroom vanities featuring structured, straight edges, Kloester says curves are now trending in vanity units.

“Curves are making a comeback – whether that be in the vanity shape itself, in the basin or in the mirrors,” says Kloester.

“These vanities that create nice lines and interesting geometry which seems to be the key.”

Rectangular vanity units can have subtle curved edges.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can choose a dramatic curved shape to give your bathroom a smooth and soft abstract feature.



2. Under-mount basins for minimalism

Although above-mount basins are trendy thanks to shows like The Block, Tania says under-mount basins are making a comeback as they allow for a simpler look.

“Really streamlined, below counter basins are a good option for really low maintenance, classy look,” says Tania.

“They’re easier to keep clean and people are now looking for features that are lower maintenance.”

Compared to mounted basins, under-mount basins also increase the benchtop area – giving those who use the vanity to get ready, more space.



3. Wooden fittings and finishes 

Either as a floating or fixed construct, Tania says wooden vanities are continuing their popularity in bathrooms.

“Timber cabinetry is really popular, and they seem to not be going anywhere,”

“I think more people are trying to find a way to bring the outside in which is still beautiful.”

Despite its visual appeal, Virginia Stallard of Stallard Interiors says wooden vanities may not suit smaller bathrooms but, she says you can incorporate timber into other features for an earthy feel.

“It could be it could be just wooden handles on white vanity for a smaller bathroom,” says Virginia.

If you’re looking to install a wooden bathroom vanity yourself, be sure to treat the wood properly to guarantee its longevity in the wet area.



4. Marble incorporates a timeless look

Stallard says although marble benchtops have been around for a while, this material has a new-found appreciation.

“It’s a natural, very earthy product,” says Stallard.

“It reflects the environment and as people move into nature more, I think I think that reflects its popularity.

“That and it stays classic and classy.”

Through its elegant streaks of grey veining, marble finishes are adaptable and can have a matte or high shine finish.

Marble benchtops are also heat resistant – making them a worthy opponent for heated hair tools.

5. Double basins for comfort

A bathroom vanity containing a double sink can create a sense of luxury – if your bathroom permits space, Virginia says they’re a worthy addition to a vanity.

“Double basins are always good – usually in the ensuite, but I’m now seeing them in regular bathrooms,” says Virginia.

“If there’s enough space in the bathroom, I would suggest opting for two larger basins.”

If you’re looking to upgrade your vanity from one basin to two, pair a basic bathroom vanity with a mirror of equal length.

6. Metal handles make a simple yet stylish addition

When choosing cabinetry for your vanity, the handles are just as important as the unit itself.

Tania says when it comes to handles, metal can make for an eye-catching addition.

“Black has been the go-to for finishes on handles for some time, and metal is new and something more interesting,” says Tania.

“So there’s a lot of metal finishes, particularly burnished finishes, which are really happening at the moment.”

When choosing the finishes for your vanity, it’s best to try and match your tapware and towel rails.

7. Use colour to brighten your bathroom

Monochrome and neutral colour palettes create a more timeless look in your bathroom.

With this in mind, you can utilise the vanity to create a colourful feature.

While bright colours are becoming more popular, Virginia says cooler hues can add colour that complements most bathrooms.

“Bright colours are quite popular – really it can be adventurous as the person wants to be,” says Virginia.

“But blues and greens always look lovely in the bathroom.”