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Feature Property: Modern flair meets classic luxury at St Georges

Developers Bob Galvin and Sharyn Yelland are selling their lavish multi-million-dollar home in Adelaide’s east, boasting a harmony of classic and modern details.

The word “luxury” is thrown around often, but few people know luxury homes quite like developer Bob Galvin, of The Galvin Group, and his wife Sharyn Yelland.

The couple has designed, built and landscaped luxury homes for decades, so it makes sense that their home address would be no exception.

Bob operates the Galvin Group of businesses including Grand Home Designs, Glorious Gardens and Lifestyle Pools, while Sharyn is in property development and interior design.

“Bob and I have found inspiration from travelling all over the world extensively and creating beautiful spaces for other people. It’s what we love doing,” Sharyn says.

Bob and Sharyn’s previous home address at Beaumont sold for in excess of $6 million in September 2019.

It was only within hours of selling their Beaumont address that the couple settled on 18 Kincardine Avenue, St Georges.

“When we sold our magnificent house on the hill at Beaumont, it was difficult to find exactly what we wanted. I looked around until I found this home which ticked every box,” she says.

“It was a beautiful new home that we spent probably three-quarters-of-a-million dollars improving and adding to. We landscaped the back area, built the pool, the beautiful al fresco and barbecue area.

“We’ve always had a pool and a spa, all of those comforts, because we love resort-style living. We created a resort-style home at Beaumont and wanted to recreate that, which we have, and the next buyer will thoroughly enjoy it. It’s very stylish and luxurious.”

With the rear of the property abutting Davenport Olive Reserve, vertically louvered fencing allows the home’s occupants to open up a view to the olive grove, while also being able to close off the fence for privacy.

They installed skylights through the house, designed and built a great wine room for wine storage, changed cabinetry, installed chandeliers and new lighting throughout, an extensive AV throughout the home, and built a large cinema room — one of Bob’s favourite areas.

“Bob loves sports and movies. He’s the TV buff and we’ll never live anywhere without a cinema — the first thing we do in every home we do is the cinema. We love entertaining and we’re very social so we do host large gatherings.”

A key talking point of the home is the innovative wine cellar display which was created from what was previously a storage room.

“It was a small brown room that was just a storeroom. We created a door one side to open it up into the grand hallway where you walk in. It’s such a beautiful feature.”

The white-tiled heated pool boasts a feature rain shower wall, swim-against jets and a heated spa.

“We have invested a considerable amount of money to complete and improve the home. This was a beautiful living space whilst we were looking to find our next property with elevated views.”

The open, bright and light-filled spaces are a reflection of Bob and Sharyn’s personalities and they have added skylights and modern chandeliers throughout the home.

The original concrete and brick garage has been upgraded to a porcelain floor and plastered white walls with ample storage.

The Real Estate Institute of South Australia reports that median house prices in St Georges are often well above $1.3 million from year-to-year.

“The nice thing about the location is the beautiful, well-established tree-lined street with magnificent trees. The rear of the property has the heritage Olive Grove, which is a magnificent back garden without having to maintain it. This has been a wonderful convenience for us. With rear gate access ourselves and neighbours all enjoy the parks ambiance and walking our pets.”

The large wide proportions of the rooms and corridors create a functional home for a large family. The house is divided so that the family area is separate to the master suite which has access to the pool and has a beautiful vista to the foliage of the olive grove.

“We have carefully crafted the home to be eclectic, bringing in the style, comfort and elegance of classic features, while including the clean modern lines and finishes to enjoy the best of both worlds,” she says.

Bob started his career at the age of 18, landscaping high-end properties, moving into high-end building and design, and now at 64 has owned and operated the Galvin Group for more than 45 years. Sharyn started one of the first medical cosmetic clinics in South Australia and went on to found a national skincare brand, Aesthetics RX, which she has sold to focus on property development.

Sharyn is now involved in large commercial development projects in South Australia.

“Our success is a result of great teamwork and a mutual vision a love of family and fine living. We’re both driven and we’re hard workers. Our mission has always been to inspire and captivate all possibilities to bring to fruition outstanding results for our clients.

“We’ve created many great spaces for ourselves and for other people, and we thoroughly enjoy seeing other people’s enjoyment of living a lifestyle you’ve designed and created for them.

“For a family looking to live in the eastern suburbs, this is a home with distinctive and beautiful features. Not often do you walk through a property that ticks every box knowing that there’s nothing further to improve on — but that has been the comment of everybody that’s come through the property.”

The sale is being handled by Grant Giordano and Jacqui Ilicic of Sotheby’s Real Estate.