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A mature way to add market value

Exotic trees provide a real focal point for any property and repurposing unwanted plants to give them a new home is a great way to do so.

Owner of Adelaide Plant Recovery Peter Le Lievre says transplanting a mature tree is not only an excellent way to finish off the landscaping but can also increase the value of a property.

Le Lievre specialises in recycling unique plants such as dragon trees, frangipanis, palms and aloes.

“It’s having something that no one else has,” Le Lievre says.

While he says installing re-used exotic plants “adds aesthetics [which] therefore adds value to the property”, he says the true worth comes down to personal preferences.

“There are people who don’t like dragon trees but the majority of the people will go wow! That’s an impressive structure!” Le Lievre says.

He says humans love being as close to nature as possible and these mature plants offer an instant fix for urban areas.

“We are in such a manmade environment these days – it’s nice to be able to be close to nature,” Le Lievre says.

But these plants have more to offer than just sitting pretty, he says “plants provide a natural cooling agent”.

Le Lievre recently installed a three-tonne, five-metre wide, four-metre tall Dragon Tree he named Rachel in a Glenunga backyard.

The 60-year-old tree travelled about 25kms across Adelaide to its new home.

The new owner bought the spectacular tree as an instant feature piece for her garden.

“I love it, I hug it,” she says.

“And I didn’t have to wait 60 years for it to grow.”

Le Lievre started his business around eight years ago selling small plants of less than a kilogram and has grown it to transplanting exotic plants up to 20 tonnes.

“My primary concept was to recycle unwanted plants and give them new homes.” Le Lievre says.

“I thought that it was a waste. Rachel is such a beautiful tree and the only reason [Rachel] didn’t have a long-term life was because of its location… why not put it in a new home for someone else to enjoy.”