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FEATURE LISTING: Resort-style Macclesfield home with private vineyard and infinity pool

For sale for the first time in more than 20 years, this seven-bedroom lifestyle property comes with its own Riesling vineyard and a refrigerated wine container with enough space to please any wine aficionado.

Current owner Oopy MacGillivray says she always describes Macclesfield as: “the centre of everywhere but on the way to nowhere”.

“It’s also a lovely community; quite eclectic with a lot of artists and two fantastic pubs, many wineries and cellar doors close by,” says Oopy, who is a South Australian racehorse trainer.

Located in the Adelaide Hills, the 3.6-hectare property is a 30-minute drive to the McLaren Vale wine region and a 45-minute drive to the Adelaide CBD.

Designed by Phil Harris from Troppo Architects, with input from Oopy and her late husband Duncan, the nearly 22-year-old house blends seamlessly into the surrounding nature.

“It does have a beautiful contemporary look and it’s an absolutely beautiful house to live in,” says Oopy.

“It doesn’t look heavy on the landscape – it just blends in. A lot of people would never even know that it’s there … unless you were looking for it.”

The property is located at 49 MacGillivray Lane and has two self-contained apartments. The main house has four bedrooms, each with an ensuite.

There is also a kitchen, family and dining area, and a verandah and deck. Oopy says this is one of her favourite parts of the house, along with the hallway where she enjoys relaxing and admiring her art collection.

“One of the things [Duncan] brought back from his trips overseas was the idea that a verandah had to be broad enough for a large dining table so that you could have all your friends and family over. I think it’s had up to 80 or more people on it,” she Oppy.

“At the centre of the house, there’s a big room. We call it the gallery space, and we’ve got some beautiful artworks and a piano in there. It’s just a lovely place to sit at different times of the day.

“You feel like the trees and the outside are all part of it. It brings the outside in.”

The additional self-contained apartments each have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining area.

The outdoor area of the house has a pool, a 20-foot wine reefer container, and a 0.4 four-hectare Riesling vineyard used by Murdoch Hill to create the Sulky Riesling. In the backyard, there is a natural bush with yakkas, magnolias and, “beautiful dark blue Guilfoyle agapanthus.”

“At the time [we built the house] we had a larger vineyard around our house, which is Longview Vineyard,” says Oopy.

“We wanted to build a beautiful home among the vines that would lend itself to entertaining; having wine writers and different people stay – that was the original thought, apart from being a wonderful family home.

“It’s been a fantastic place to live and to raise children. They had a wonderful lifestyle, being able to camp just outside their own back door; things like that.

“[There’s] lots of beautiful wrens and you quite regularly see kangaroos.”

After more than 20 years of enjoying her home and its beautiful surroundings, Oopy is now looking for someone else to cherish her Macclesfield oasis.

“Things change, and my boys have grown up and I’m busy training racehorses,” says Oopy.

“It’s such a beautiful place. It deserves to have people who can spend the time and enjoy it.

“We’ve lived in the house and enjoyed it for a long time. We’ve celebrated family birthdays, weddings, all sorts of occasions. I will miss some of those family parties we’ve had there for sure.”

The sale is being handled by Arabella Hooper and Lincoln Marshall at Harris Real Estate.