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FEATURE LISTING: Beautiful views in Beaumont

Yasmine and Mark Johnson are selling their contemporary Beaumont mansion with sweeping views and resort-style landscaping as they head to the Hills after buying the Bickford’s summer manor.

Yasmine and Mark Johnson, who run executive search and recruitment firm EGM Partners, weren’t on the market when they discovered the home at 43 Katoomba Road, Beaumont, but one look inside and they knew there was no going back.

“We bought our first home only two streets away from the property,” Yasmine says.

“We had purchased a smaller home that needed renovating and after we did that, this one came on the market and we just absolutely fell in love with it.

“We have a young family with two girls and a dog and the space is fantastic.”

The couple has always been attracted to renovation projects and they could see the potential to update the five-bedroom, four-bathroom home’s aesthetic to make it their family’s contemporary dream home.

“Construction and renovation run in my family,” Yasmine says. “I have always had an eye and a keen nature in that way.

“So, over the past couple of years, we have done a lot of work – particularly around the landscaping.

“We put a lot of work into completely redoing the backyard and creating the beautiful resort feel around the pool.”

The front of the home was also transformed with the couple removing old decking to create floating steps leading to the grandiose front door.

“I have a door obsession,” Yasmine says.

“That door is unreal with its big handle. We actually had an artist paint it, so, it has a kind of oil slick over it.”

A wooden slatted ceiling reaches from the front porch, through the house and out the back to create consistency in design and enhance the property’s flow.

“It really is an entertainer’s dream; it is such a beautiful home.

“We love events and we host parties all the time; that is kind of just who we are. Any get-together and any party – we would even host an annual Christmas party.”

After only three years, the family never intended to leave the home so soon, but when the Bickford’s summer home came on the market, they knew it was an unmissable opportunity.

“It will be another entertainer’s house,” Yasmine says. “We are talking about doing a murder-mystery party at the end of the year, and we have a billiard room so it will be like real-life Cluedo.”

What Yasmine will miss most about the Beaumont home are the views.

“The views make it really one of a kind,” she says.

“Looking out whether it is morning, night or day, whether it is sunny or there is rain, it is always beautiful.

“When it is stormy you can really see it roll in from the sea and over the city which is always quite magical.”

The sale is being handled by Taylor Bishop and Millie Unger of Harris Real Estate.