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FEATURE LISTING: Craftsman’s masterpiece in Marino

Ryan and Inessa Brock spared no expense building this luxurious coastline residence for their family, but have since decided to part with the property to support their growing businesses.

Owner of Cut Once Building, Ryan Brock and his wife Inessa, interior designer of Kiff Interiors, possessed all the skills to create their perfect family home.

When 47 Trumara Road, Marino came onto the market, the couple knew they could turn it into something incredible.

“I’m a builder and we bought this home mostly because of the views and the yard,” Ryan says.

“It was an untouched ’70s home; a bit of an old-school look, which was really cool. I could see the potential and I could see all the things I wanted to do to it.”

The “old-school” 1970s residence has been transformed into a spacious two-storey home boasting four bedrooms and four bathrooms alongside an expansive yard and coastline views.

“From the moment we moved in we lived through the renovation of the downstairs which was the original ’70s part of the house with an ’80s extension on the side,” says Ryan.

“We did the upstairs extension in 2020.”

The home’s design has a flexible layout, ideal for large families and entertaining guests.

“It’s great building a home yourself because you can think of what you need and what is important to you; exactly what you want,” says Ryan.

The bright downstairs kitchen and dining space have a wooden finish and plenty of storage.

It is installed with Smeg electric appliances and an integrated dishwasher as well as an integrated Liebherr fridge.

“All the Smeg appliances are white and blend in with the kitchen benchtop,” says Ryan.

Ryan’s office is upstairs, with large windows overlooking the coastline and valley and an office lounge, in addition to the upstairs bedroom and bathroom.

“The upstairs bathroom is one of the grandest rooms I have ever built, it has a double shower and a bath with a view,” Ryan says.

All the home’s bathrooms have electric underfloor heating to keep the property warm during winter.

The living areas offer a comfortable space to entertain guests, but Ryan says they are always drawn to outdoor entertaining.

“The go-to [for entertaining] is the table in the outdoor area; there is a big stainless-steel kitchenette with water, a barbecue and a bar fridge,” Ryan says.

When the sun goes down, the family tends to drift out onto the deck.

“We love to ride our bikes around on the deck and play up there,” says Ryan.

“In the wintertime, if it’s a very cold day, that whole area gets full sun so often my wife and I will do a workout on the deck or just lay down in the sun.”

The large back yard has an abundance of fruit trees, 15 varieties of grapes and a coop to keep chickens.

“It’s hard to keep the birds off the fruit trees but I just put the nets on and do my best with that,” Ryan says.

“You have to do a bit of hedge trimming on the vines, but you get more grapes than you could possibly eat, so I guess it’s okay to share with the birds a bit.”

Ryan has also built a playground and skate ramp for his young sons to play on.

“I’m a keen surfer but the kids are only two and five, so you can’t really take them surfing,” Ryan says. “I wondered what I could do with my boys because I wanted to get them into board sports so I built them a ramp.”

Ryan ensures his builds are ecologically friendly and has built the home with insulation and double-glazed windows to regulate heating and cooling, 60 9.9kW Q cell solar panels, a rainwater tank and no gas appliances.

“I think this summer we only turned on the air conditioner three times because of the airflow with how the windows are placed,” says Ryan.

The property also has a Fibaro Home automation system and wireless Sonos speakers, allowing the owner to control everything through their phone.

“We only finished 12 months ago and we absolutely love it,” says Ryan.

Ryan and Inessa believed they would live in the home forever but, as their businesses grew, they needed more space the property could not provide.

“Because the house is so beautiful, I don’t have any money left to buy myself a warehouse,” Ryan explains.

“All our money is tied up in the home; we can’t afford to continue the business as it needs to be continued.

“So, we’ve made the very difficult decision of parting with our very beautiful home.”

The sale is being handled by Emmanuel Horton and Elena Carnevale of The Property Experts.