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FEATURE LISTING: Glamour in Gould Creek

With almost 10 acres to enjoy, Sofija Virgo’s Gould Creek home offers an exceptional lifestyle for the active family, including tennis court, swimming pool and alfresco entertaining area.

Driving along Black Top Road through an orchard of almond blossoms reveals a magnificent five-bedroom, five-bathroom home situated on a picturesque plot of nearly 10 acres.

This property at 180 Black Top Road, Gould Creek has been much loved by its owner, Sofija Virgo and her late husband John for the past three decades.

Filled with memories of laughter and noise, Sofija and John even held their nuptials in the home back in 1995.

“We married in the entry hall, where there’s a podium and an old, French-style antique table,” Sofija says.

“I remember it was a Friday that we were married because it was actually my birthday, and all of a sudden there was all of this thunder and lightning so we had our wedding party the day after the ceremony.”

Sofija and John hosted many parties over the years, some with upwards of 200 people in attendance. They even built a large games room that was perfect for hosting family and friends.

“The previous owners did a massive extension that was joined to the original house,” Sofija says.

“When we moved in, we knocked half of the old house down and built the big games room which is the party room.”

The couple also engaged in many renovations over the years, updating the bathrooms and kitchen, and landscaping the sprawling garden.

The large garages at the base of the property were perfect for housing John’s cars, which he had a strong passion for as a racing driver and motoring enthusiast.

“We had an old 1934 Rolls Royce and also a Ferrari that he raced,” Sofija says.

“He was very much into Concours d’Elegance and was one of the two people in Australia who were part of the international chief judges.”

As much as she will miss the home, Sofija looks forward to a new family making their own memories there and loving it as much as hers has.

“It is very much a family home and it needs a family to enjoy it,” Sofija says.

We did the birthdays and things like that and I used to make the birthday cakes for the children when they were young.

“When my little granddaughter comes up here, she asks me if I will take her on an adventure. She calls it an adventure when we go for a walk together around the garden.”

The sale is being handled by Peter McMillan and Glenn McMillan of TOOP+TOOP.