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FEATURE LISTING: Luxurious Marino lifestyle

After almost two decades in her beautiful beachfront home, Debra Paoir is trading in the luxurious coastal lifestyle for the bliss of the Adelaide Hills.

Debra Paoir and her family purchased the property at 13 Westcliff Court, Marino in 2006 after spending 10 years in the United States – trading in the red, high deserts of Reno, Nevada for the endless blue of Marino’s coastline.

“It’s quite a contrast from where we were but equally as beautiful because you get a sense of openness and space with beautiful vistas wherever you look,” Debra says.

“I think just being close to nature’s beauty has always been really important to me. I need the earth under my feet and I need to be able to see beautiful views. If I haven’t got mountains, I want to see the ocean.

“I have been lucky because I have had both for a long, long time.”

The grand family home sits elevated above the coastline, offering unparalleled views of the beach and ocean beyond.

“I think it is a really significant place. The beautiful rock formations of the coastline and the fresh air is astounding.

“The elevation is spectacular as you get the breeze from the Gulf of St Vincent and, when you open the doors on a summer evening, it blows straight through the home.”

The home’s interior is light and airy, with plenty of open-plan spaces to enjoy entertaining alongside ocean views.

Downstairs is an entertainer’s dream with an open-plan living space that leads to a charming pergola with plenty of shade on hot summer days.

Upstairs, the four bedrooms boast breathtaking views and the balcony offers a serene place to read and unwind.

“The sunsets are particularly glorious with the beautiful warm light that streams through all the windows.

“Even in the dark of night, you can see the lights of boats twinkling on the ocean.”

The home is only a 20-minute drive to McLaren Vale, and Debra and her husband would do the drive every weekend to try new wineries and restaurants.

“The coastal boardwalk, which accesses all of these amazing South Australian geological sites, is just at the end of the street,” Debra says.

“My sisters and I have walked all the way to Brighton and, if you head south, you can walk to the Boatshed Cafe in Hallett Cove.”

Since the passing of her husband, Debra has dedicated herself to her baking skills, starting a business called Juniper Hill and making the most of her home’s large kitchen.

“I bake and decorate cakes and cookies,” Debra says. “It was always a bit of a hobby and it has turned into a sort of passion. It’s fun and I like to make things that will bring people joy.

“I remember when my children were little, I always made them special birthday cakes. Like most mums back then, I used the Woman’s Weekly mummy cookbook. I don’t think there was a cake in there that I didn’t bake.

“My children say things like, ‘Remember the time you made the swimming pool cake for me?’ and I think it is important because you don’t realise how much it means to them and it is so special to be able to give them those memories.”

With two young grandchildren, Debra is ready to trade in her coastal views for something more lush.

“I’d like to be closer to them and I think a change to the Adelaide Hills might be nice.

“My daughter lives in Belair and they get koalas sitting in the trees on their property. It’s truly beautiful and I love the nature and the bush and the animals.”

The sale is being handled by Sharyn Yelland of Giordano & Partners.