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5 wooden flooring trends you can’t walk past

With timber becoming more of a luxury item, interior designers share wooden flooring styles that will make your home stand out from the rest.

From patterned carpet tiles to decorative linoleum, some flooring trends are only hot for a (very) brief period.

Yet, there is one flooring material that has stood the test of time to becomes a classic – hardwood floors.

As a warm and natural flooring option, wooden floors can satisfy any aesthetic.

White Oyster Interiors designer Amanda Heynen says it has a sense of individuality like no other.

“The most beneficial part about timber is that it has a grain and texture to it that I don’t believe you can replicate as well with any other flooring,” Amanda says.

“Timber floors will most likely continue to appear in beautiful homes as they are unique and timeless.”

Create warmth 

Though cooler-toned floorboards once took centre stage, Amanda says homeowners are now seeking out warm tones to create a cosy living space.

“When it comes to flooring, warmer boards have made a resurgence,” Amanda says.

“We’ve got a lot of warm trends coming through in various areas of the house and the flooring isn’t an exception.”

“The warmer timbers do vary a lot too, so no timber plank is the same as another, giving you some individuality.”

Amanda says the best board to use in this case is American Oak, as the warmth and grain can be adjusted with different washes.

“Depending on just how warm you want your floor to be, you can opt for American oak with a black wash over the top,” she says.

“The boards retain their warmth, but the grain is enhanced by the wash.”

Go against the grain 

“There’s definitely been a nod towards parquet style flooring – that’s definitely the most popular wooden floor I’m seeing,” Amanda says.

Initially used in 16th Century French chateaus, this wooden floor trend has made a resurgence in the modern home.

Chevron and herringbone parquet flooring are classic and striking timber floor styles.

The use of angles can bring balance to a living space and though it strays from the common timber floorboard, they give your home a tasteful point of difference.

Use shapes to bring character to your floor

In addition to the traditional parquet styles, Amanda says timber boards arranged in a diamond shape can bring a new dimension to your floors.

Amanda says you can achieve an intriguing look by using a small amount of jarrah or other redwood and having lighter boards surround it.

“I’m seeing styles that are a bit like the traditional parquet style, but with more patterning and more detail,” Amanda says.

“It just gives us so much interest, is visually exciting and you don’t need to put a rug down.

“This style is best in halls and entryways, to just give a home a bit of a wow factor on entry.”

Skip the gloss for a natural look

Leigh Woolatt, an interior designer with 30 years of experience, says glossy wooden floors were once something homeowners were rushing to get their feet on – now, a matte finish is more sought after.

Leigh says his go-to timber board for this look is American or European oak.

“Most of the floors now are very natural,” Woolatt says.

“It creates that lovely, mid-century feeling and can be combined with really modern interiors.”

Matte finishes on floors are also more user-friendly, giving the protection needed from daily wear and tear while will showing off the beauty of the raw wood.

Enhance your space with a wide board

Originally popular among homes with a rustic cabin aesthetic, wide wooden planks are a classic and tested flooring option.

Characterised by a large surface area and fewer seams, wider floorboards are an excellent way to make a room feel bigger.

“Wide boards create a less busy look,” Leigh says.

“These boards generally come in a variety of lengths and traditionally run linear, so it offers an enhanced visual.”