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All Natural: The top 2021 interior design trend

Whether in a home’s design or décor, natural materials and furnishings will on trend this year. Premium Property speaks to Adelaide-based interior architect Rhea Koumi to discover how to achieve the look.

You’re probably familiar with people saying “natural is better” when discussing food, beauty products or clothing – but what about in interior design?

Natural materials can include different types of woods, bamboo or handcrafted fabrics.

These materials not only bring effortless texture and warmth to a room but are also more sustainable.

The benefits of natural materials see interior designers and architects alike pinning them to be one of the most popular design trends for 2021.

Interior Architect and Director of Umoki Design Studio, Rhea Koumi, tells Premium Property these materials are among some of the most popular design elements surfacing in Adelaide.

“Warm materiality like timber finishes are popular at the moment,” Rhea says.

“I’m seeing a lot of clean minimal designs and bold statement pieces emerge with a neutral palette, and I think that’ll go into 2021 as well.”

From the ceiling panels to the coffee table, you can utilise natural materials in any room of the house according to Rhea:

Natural materials and the sustainable movement

As we become more environmentally conscious, the need for elements in our homes to reflect this movement is becoming more significant.

Natural materials such as wood and bamboo have less of an environmental impact than concrete or steel and can be regrown naturally.

Although sustainability isn’t a new area of interest in interior design and décor, Rhea says the emphasis on natural materials is continuing to grow.

“The sustainable movement, coming off of the natural material, is coming out in a really big way,” Rhea says.

“[There is] a huge emphasis on the use of low impact design, and encouraging the rise of materials, and items such as furniture, and accessories.”

More than floorboards

While hardwood floors are an obvious choice for the use of these materials, flooring is not the only way to use a natural material.

Rhea says interior architects are utilising wood for different aspects in commercial property, which could then influence home design.

“[Wood is] not just for flooring, surprisingly,” Rhea says.

“I think we’re seeing it a lot in commercial, particularly in Adelaide as well, which is great, but for walls and ceiling finishes as well.”

Rhea says these materials have a high style factor in interior architecture.

She also has a personal favourite when it comes to wooden finishes.

“I love the use of timber,” Rhea says.

“Timber finishes and a walnut stain for me – my jam.”

Incorporating natural décor

For those wanting to incorporate natural materials into their home’s décor without renovating their bedroom, or installing a wooden feature wall, Rhea recommends a more eclectic approach.

She suggests bamboo or rattan furniture and natural textiles like linen with a warm tone.

“I would recommend 1970’s type styling with warm tones and earth driven finishes,” Rhea says.

Rhea also draws inspiration from UK architect Gianni Botsford when incorporating natural materials into a home.

She says pairing these elements with house plants also brings more of an eco-friendly feel to a natural-themed room.

“I also love plants, it’s really beautiful to bring the exterior into the interior with some life.”